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Where to Eat in San Juan, La Union

San Juan, La Union is one of the premier surfing destinations in the Philippines because the waves here can go as high as 6 feet during peak season. Whether you’re a surfer or not, San Juan is a great place to travel! It’s easy to go here, and you can experience a lot of things, even on a short trip – learn how to surf, watch the sunset at the beach, visit nearby towns, or you can just eat all day! Aside from being one of the best surfing spots, San Juan has vast arrays of restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and other instagrammable food stalls that serve good food. I made a list here of the food places where you can eat if you’re going on a trip to San Juan anytime soon. All of these are located near the beach, and they are accessible along the highway. Most of them are just walking distance from many of the hotels and surf resorts, so there’s no reason for you not to try these! Kabsat La Union Kabsat is a tropical modern style restaurant that has a beautiful sea view. Kabsat offers elevated and comforting local dishes from breakfast to dinner, served in generous portions – ideal for families and large groups. They also cater to travelers craving a hearty post-surf meal or happy hour drinkers looking for pica-pica to pair with their favorite drink.  Serving of food takes a long time, but I personally do not mind because of the great view! Tagpuan If you are craving for Filipino food combo, you can satisfy your cravings at Tagpuan sa San Juan or simply known as Tagpuan. This eatery in San Juan is famous for its comforting Filipino dishes at very reasonable prices. They serve rice bowls topped with our favorites like tapa, pares, bagnet, and chicken adobo flakes. Mad Monkeys Just beside Tagpuan, there’s a burger joint that serves mouthwatering burgers! Not just burgers, they also serve onion rings, fries, and drinks. The place is an open area and has limited tables. Olas Banditos (CLOSED) They said that good and authentic Mexican food and surfing make a good pair. Located on the right side of the road, you will see this Mexican Taqueria that has a huge skull mural. Olas Banditos is co-owned by Luke Landrigan, a pro-surfer. I must say, this is a place to be if you’re craving Mexican food! They serve freshly made tacos, nachos, burritos, quesadilla, fries, and churros to go with your post-surf beer, margarita, or mojito. The place is genuinely instagrammable with all the festive colors and patterns from the murals to the tables and chairs. Beach Bum Food Park Beach Bum is a Food Park that has food stalls that serve different specialties. There are sizzlings, Japanese food, Italian, and a lot more! This is also a good option if you are looking for a place to drink. Also Read: 7 Best Places to Eat in Sagada, Mountain Province My favorite here is the Sizzters Sizzlers. They have a wide variety of homemade sizzlers, from a single plate to sharing! The price of their sizzlers ranges from 180 PHP to 250 PHP with unlimited java rice! Makai Bowls A trip to La Union will not be completed without a healthy fruit smoothie bowl made with different types of fresh fruit and homemade granola. Makai also has chia bowls, fruit shakes, pressed juices, and popsicles. They moved from their corner at Flotsam and Jetsam Artist Beach Hostel to their own space at the Great Northwest Travel Stop & Viewing Deck. El Union Coffee What’s life without coffee? Also located in the great northwest, there’s a famous coffee shop that serves pretty good coffee with excellent service. El Union is definitely one of my favorite food places in San Juan, La Union! The area is just very chill and humble. Its laid-back ambiance encourages every visitor to make a good conversation over a cup of good coffee and desserts. These are just a few of the food places that you can try. Just walk around the area, and you’ll find great places where you can eat! I’m looking forward to trying more restaurants on my next visit!  

Best Things to do in Dubai

Dubai may be the UAE’s second-largest city, but it is number one when it comes to its endless offerings and popularity as one of the Middle East’s most visited places. After all, it’s where the glitzy skyscrapers are mainstream, cultural attractions classic, and nature and wildlife at their seamless best. If you can’t wait to explore this fantastic destination, this travel guide is what you need to get started. From age-old and timeless to the most striking and stylish, this list covers it all. Ascend atop Burj Khalifa  Burj Khalifa is a must-visit to enjoy epic views over Dubai’s skyline, desert, ocean, and more. Rightly so, it’s the tallest building ever built on the planet, at an unbelievable height of over 828 meters. There are three observation decks on its 124th, 125th, and 148th levels, of which the latter is the world’s highest observation deck. A high-speed elevator ride plus an enlightening presentation on Dubai’s past are sure to make your Burj Khalifa visit memorable. There are also a variety of great dining choices within the structure.  Tour the Dubai Mall  Be it for shopping, leisure, entertainment, or simply people watching, this gigantic mall is a one-stop place for all! It’s justifiably the world’s biggest mall and has over 1200 shops, 200 plus dining options, and of course a wealth of recreational attractions. And this list is extensive with attractions for every ability and age group, such as Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, Dubai Ice Rink, KidZania Dubai, Dubai Dino, Hysteria, and the largest of its kind VR Park Dubai.  Before you leave the place, make sure that you catch up with the iconic Dubai Fountain show, where this choreographed aquatic performance on Burj Lake creates a spectacle like no other.  Watch the World’s Largest Fountain Show  Dubai Fountain Show that takes place outside of the Dubai Mall and Burj Khalifa is a perennial Dubai favorite, but the newest Palm Fountain Show at the Pointe is an absolute must-see. Developed by Nakheel, it’s currently the world’s largest fountain show. That’s not all; this stunning choreographed show in perfect synchronization to music and light is also the region’s first and only colored fountain show. And its location on the man-made island of Palm Jumeirah makes it even more breathtaking. You can watch it for free, but you can elevate this experience by dropping in a dining venue that directly faces the fountain.  Check out Dubai’s Theme Parks  A Dubai holiday remains unfinished until you discover its many diverse theme parks. Whether you’re looking for wild, mild, or anything in between, the region’s theme park has it all. You can visit IMG Worlds of Adventure – the world’s largest indoor park to the region’s first integrated resort, or Dubai Parks and Resorts, which alone hosts four distinct parks. The majority of them even come with dedicated sections for kids, making it ideal for all age groups. What’s more, there are even amusement and edutainment attractions exclusively created for your little ones, such as KidZania Dubai and Mattel Play! Town.  Desert Safari  There is no better way to take a break from Dubai’s dazzle and glamor than with a desert safari. Interestingly, you can embark on this off-road adventure without driving any far. Just a 30 to 40 convenient minutes’ ride from the city center will land you at this quaint part of the city which remains unscathed by any development. To get the best out of it, make sure that you choose a guided desert safari where everything from your hotel pick-up and drop-off to desert adventures, dining, and cultural activities are taken care of by your service provider.  You can choose from morning, evening, or overnight desert safari; they all come with 4X4 dune bash, camel ride, sandboarding, henna painting, and falconry, among others.  Discover Dubai Safari Park  This attraction in Dubai’s Al Warqa region is a must-experience for wildlife enthusiasts. But don’t expect this to be an ordinary zoo. Sprawling over 119 hectares, it’s one of the world’s largest safari parks. Not to mention, come prepared to encounter over 2500 unique creatures brought from different parts of the world. From tigers, cheetahs, and hippos to other varieties of mammals, reptiles, and birds, they are arranged in four sections such as Arabian Desert Safari, African Village, Asian Village, and Explorer Village.  Visit Al Bastakiya Quarter  Officially called Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood, this may be one of the city’s quaintest parts. But, don’t overlook it – the quarter is brimming with culture, history, and traditions. Walk down its narrow labyrinths, which unfold some of the region’s hidden treasures in the form of museums, historical mansions, art galleries, art cafes, etc.  For an in-depth understanding of the region’s past and cultural heritage, some of the must-experiences are Dubai Museum, Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Understanding (SMCUU), Coffee Museum, and XVA Art Café.  Dhow Cruise  Experience Dubai’s unrivaled modernity from a breathtaking atmospheric setting of an ancient style Arabian vessel – this is what you can look forward to on a Dhow Cruise Dubai. See ultra-stylish architecture and stunning waterfront sights when you go on a cruise along Dubai Marina. For a change in scene, you can set out on a voyage across Dubai Creek, where you’ll get to experience a mix of old and new structures. Whichever location you choose for your dhow cruise, you can be rest assured of an unforgettable and mindblowing sail down Dubai’s water with stunning views, amazing food (with international delicacies), and incredible live entertainment arranged onboard.  Have Snow Fun at Ski Dubai  It’s impossible to imagine the presence of snow in the desert, especially in a place like Dubai, where the temperature rises over 50 degrees Celsius during the summer months. But let’s not forget that there is nothing impossible in Dubai. For those fancy skiing or throwing snow, you can do it at the dedicated Ski Dubai. You’ll be welcomed by a blast of icy wind with tons of snow at any given time. Not to mention, […]

12 Beach Essentials to Pack on Your Next Vacation

A trip to the beach is something that I always look forward every summer. It can be enormous fun, making memories with our loved ones at the shore with our beach essentials. But this year was different. After being cooped up inside for months due to COVID-19 lockdowns, enjoying relaxation and recreational time is something that we all need. But beach days require more consideration in these pandemic times. If you’ll visiting a beach house or other vacation rental on Airbnb, it might be worth it to bring the essentials you need. Though you probably have the basics covered, such as your swimwear, I list down my beach essentials that you might also need to have on hand for a perfect day of fun in the sun. Beach bag First off, you’ll need a beach bag that will fit all of your belongings. When choosing a beach bag to bring, it’s important to consider the features you most need — lots of pockets, waterproof, and easy to carry. I personally like beach bags that are lightweight. A waterproof beach bag comes in handy for a day on the water. Sunbock or Sunscreen Sunblock or Sunscreen is essential during the summer. Using sunscreen reduces your exposure to UV radiation from the sun and can lower your sun damage and skin cancer risk. Using sunscreen can also help to prevent premature skin aging. Make sure to always lather up before doing outdoor activities! Check expiration dates and make sure you have enough to reapply throughout the day! If you’re wearing a bathing suit, you should apply about an ounce of sunscreen at a time and reapply every two to three hours. Sea Salt Spray A sea salt spray helps you achieve more volume and gorgeous, tousled waves, especially when you’re at the beach! It is a quick and easy way to create enviable beach waves and a must if you want textured, messy hair. Salt sprays can add volume, enhance waves and curls, and give you that surfer looks all year round. Waterproof Portable Speaker No need to leave the music behind when you hang out by the beach or even at the pool! One of the essentials that you must pack on your next vacation is a Waterproof Portable Speaker. Choose a small, portable speaker safe for splashing on, so you can use it anywhere. Sand-Proof Towel Sand is so much fun when you’re at the beach. However, it’s a huge annoyance when you get home and find that it’s covered virtually everything you own. Thank God, sand-proof towels were invented! Recently, I’ve been loving the sand-free beach towels that I got from Tesalate. There’s a lot more going on behind its insatiably good looks. Patent-pending fabric technology, thoughtful design, and a lot of Aussie styles go into every single Tesalate towel. The exclusive AbsorbLite™ fabric has been specifically engineered to create a towel that makes your beach days more awesome than before. Aside from being sand-free, Tesalate towels have ultra absorbency that can actually hold upto 1 liter of water. It also dries rapidly, and it’s compact and light. Sunglasses Sunglasses aren’t just for style. It keeps your eyes shaded from UV rays while adding flair to your beach look. Choose a frame that works well for your face shape, then adding embellishment, colored lenses, or a unique style such as an exaggerated cat-eye. Cover-ups Undoubtedly a must-have essential for the beach is a cover-up. Contrary to the perception that cover-ups were for people trying to hide something, the cover-up is that “spy-like” piece that keeps a swimwear exciting. They add chic level to your look and instantly transform you into a goddess sunbathing on a remote island. Sandals When going to the beach, choosing the right pair of sandals is essential, yet it’s something that I always forget! Hehe. Flip flops are one of the most popular choices, but there are so many different brands and styles to choose from, selecting the right pair can be unbelievably daunting. Sun Hat Why did I include a sun hat on my list? It’s stylish, comfortable, and full of additional benefits! Of course, the sun puts us all in a cheery mood and lifts our spirits, which is why it is definitely recommended to spend time in the sun. But remember to keep safe and protected with a sun hat at all times. Take your pick of the sun hat options — a straw hat can make a sundress stand out. Fedoras are fun and bucket hats are cute! The things a sun hat can achieve when it comes to style are endless. You can use a sun hat to contrast, or you can use one to complement. Hydroflask Bottle It’s important to keep hydrated when you’re at the beach. Don’t forget to bring your Hydroflask Bottle with you that keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, hour after hour. A good book to read I love bringing a book whenever I travel. It’s always one of my top beach essentials. Nothing beats relaxing on the sand with a good book, whether it’s a new, juicy novel or my favorite classic book. Instax Camera A beach vacation is a great time to disconnect from your phone. Instead, go retro and take an instant camera with you to capture all the fun moments under the sun. Check out the newest square format instant film camera — Fujifilm Instax Square SQ1! Follow

10 Seat Sale Hacks That 100% Works

Nowadays, traveling on a budget is no longer just a fantasy—it can be possible! Thanks to the rise of budget airlines that offers cheap airfare tickets and seat sale accessible to the public, whether it’s domestic or international. Seat sales are actually legit. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll just literally spend a peso or whatever they offer for a plane ticket. It is only the base fare that is on sale. There are other additional fees, such as administrative fee, fuel surcharge, VAT, among others, that adds up. But, the price that you will get is still good and reasonable! Did you know that you can score roundtrip tickets to Japan for as low as P3,000? Admittedly, scoring seat sales can be a bit difficult, but not impossible to achieve. Tickets get snatched quickly, and you could be left with not-as-cheap options. I may not be an expert on this matter, but here are the hacks that I learned along the way that 100% works for me. Follow airlines’ social media accounts I can’t help but get ecstatic when airlines announce their Seat Sale promo on social media! They love releasing teasers, especially during important events or holidays. Facebook, in particular, allows you to see posts from specific Pages first. Just turn on the “See First” feature on their Facebook page so their new posts will always prompt first on your newsfeed every time they drum up a sale. Sign up for an account before the Seat Sale Signing up for an account with your preferred airlines will also help you to book seat sales faster. Some have autofill options while booking, so you don’t have to worry about filling out your details over and over again. If you have an account, you could earn points as well, and it’s easier to access your flight information. Plus, airlines can send you email notifications of their sales in advance! They usually announce upcoming seat sales via email prior to posting them on social media.  Prepare all necessary details and your preferences Some airlines give the visitor allotted limited time to book per session to give way to others. So it’s best to get all the details down, such as your preferred destination, travel dates, and of course, your personal information — complete name, date of birth, contact information. Passport number and expiry date are also required for international bookings. Make sure also to have the mode of payment and details on-hand.  If you are traveling with a companion, collect their personal details ahead and save it on your “guest list” so you won’t be asking for their info while you are already booking online.  Clear the cookies on your browser or open an incognito tab before booking Airlines usually use cookies to determine what flight you’re planning to book. They also remember the dates and number of passengers. Once they discover your preferences, they’ll often raise prices accordingly. So to prevent this from happening, you can either clear your browser cache or just open an incognito tab before starting the booking process. Don’t be afraid to use multiple platforms With the wonders of the internet, we are all much savvier when it comes to booking online. You can now search over 1,000 flight combinations in just a few clicks to get the best price on the market. To do this, you can use Kayak or Skyscanner to compare prices. I personally use Skyscanner whenever I look for cheap flights. It gives fare options spread over a month to find exactly when’s most affordable. It has particularly strong coverage of budget flights, searching over 1,000 airlines in total.  Tip: For extra savings, you can use Shopback when booking your airfare and lodging to get cashback on every transaction. Get your FREE P100 savings here! Book while everyone is asleep Seat sales usually start at midnight. The number of people trying to load the website may lead to a slower internet speed than usual, so a fast, reliable internet connection will be an advantage! If this happens, you can wait for an hour or two after the promo begins. Just remember to go for odd hours of the day to get less competition. Skip all the add-ons  Choosing seats and other add-ons like meals and travel insurance can take so much time. You can skip all of these add ons and just modify your booking once confirmed. Search for one-person flights even if you’re booking for multiple people. If you search a flight for multiple seats, the airline might hike up prices. Instead, search for a flight for just one person and book it for multiple people later. If you are booking for more than three persons, it’s better to book them by batch in 2-3 persons. If you indicate all your companions at once, there’s a high chance that seats will appear as SOLD OUT. But when you try to book between 2-3 pax only, you’ll be surprised that promo seats are still available.  Book a less popular destination This doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your dream destination! If you want to go to a beach, you can opt for Palawan rather than Boracay. You can also target less popular seasons to avoid crowds and score lower hotel deals. Consider buying a one-way ticket Booking a round trip ticket in and out of the same city may seem the easiest, but not always the cheapest option. Sometimes, booking two one-way tickets can save you a lot of money. For example, let’s say you’re planning to go to Taiwan. You can fly into Taipei but then fly back to Manila out of Kaohsiung if the deals are cheaper than Taipei. This way, you can get to explore different cities as well.  Remember, thousands like you want to score cheap flights, but the promo seats are limited. If you want to book your next travel destination during the seat sale rampage, better yet, be prepared with these tips so you […]