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Things to do in Sagada (2020 Travel Guide + Expenses)

Things to do in Sagada

A small town in the Cordillera Mountains, Sagada is no doubt a favorite destination of mountaineers and travel enthusiasts. It lies in a small valley at an elevation of 5,000 feet above sea level in the Cordillera mountain range of Northern Luzon, and it is famous for its hanging coffins, which is a traditional way of burying people that is still utilized up until today.

Since it's my first time traveling here, I'm not sure how it was years ago. But with tourists on every side of the town, I'm pretty sure their tourism support had come a long way. There are lots of guesthouses, inns, restaurants, and cafes everywhere, and the locals embrace the visitors with their warm hospitality that complements the beauty of the place.

It is one of the few places in the Philippines that has preserved its indigenous culture. Although they are giving us a glimpse of their traditions, some places and practices are still untouched. I just hope the beauty and sacredness of the area will be kept and maintained in the coming years.

Things to do in Sagada

Things to do in Sagada

Things To Do in Sagada

If you are seeking an adventure where you can experience different things all at the same place, then Sagada is perfect for you! Apart from their famous hanging coffins, there are lots of things that you should do here. They have fantastic water and landforms, including caves, rivers, and breathtaking views on the mountain, which makes Sagada worth a visit! Whether you are a laid back traveler or if you're into an extreme adventure, Sagada will definitely have a spot for you!

Here are some of the activities and tours that you can book at the tourism office

Things to do in Sagada

Spelunking (Caving)

Spelunking or Caving is one of the famous activities in Sagada, especially for foreigners. If you will do this, make sure to wear a loose shirt, shorts or loose pants, rubber sandals or flip flops. Expect waist-deep water in some parts of the Sumaguing cave. No entrance to the cave after 4:00 PM.

1. Cave Connection - 40 minutes walk to Lumiang Burial Cave Entrance, passing by Dokiw Hanging Coffins, emerging at Sumaguing Cave.

Guide Fee: P1000 for 2 visitors or less + P500 each additional visitor
Transportation: P400 (Optional)

2. Sumaguing Cave / Short Course Caving - 1-hour walk from the town proper, passing by the Dokiw Hanging Coffins, Lumiang Burial Cave Entrance, Kapay-aw rice terrace, and entering Sumaguing Cave ( 1 and a half hours exploration inside the cave)

Guide Fee:
P800 for 4 visitors or less ( 1 guide)
P900 - 5 visitors (1 guide)
P1600 - 6 to 9 visitors ( 2 guides)
P1800 - 10 to 12 visitors (2 guides)
P200 per person for 13 visitors or more

Transportation: P400 (Optional)

3. Balangagan Cave - 30 minutes drive to Balangagan and 1 and a half exploration inside the cave.

Guide Fee:
P650 - 4 visitors or less
P800 - 5 visitors
P1300 - 6 to 9 visitors
P150 each for 10 or more visitors

Transportation: P650 for 10 visitors or less

Things to do in Sagada

Walking Tours

Most sites in Sagada are reachable with a great deal of walking. 

1. Eco-tour - 3 hours of loop hike to the church of St. Mary the Virgin, Echo Valley Hanging Coffins, Sagada Underground River Entrance, passing the concrete road to the Bokong waterfalls

Guide Fee:
P 800 for 10 visitors or less (1 guide)
P1600 for 11-20 visitors (2 guides)
P2400 for 21-30 visitors (3 guides)
31 pax and above will pay P60 each

Access Fee: P10 each

2. Adventure Trail - 3 hours trekking starting at the church of St. Mary the Virgin, Echo Valley Hanging Coffins, Latang River Tracing, enter the underground river, end at Bokong Waterfalls.

Guide Fee: P1000 for 10 visitors or less
Access Fee: P10 each

3. Echo Valley Hanging Coffins - 30 minutes hike from the information center, passing the church of St. Mary the Virgin, and have a close-up view of the coffins.

Guide Fee:
P300 for 1-10 visitors (1 guide)
P400 for 11 visitors (1 guide)
P600 for 12-20 visitors (2 guides)
P700 for 21 visitors (2 guides)
P900 for 22-30 visitors (3 guides)
P1000 for 31 visitors (3 guides)
P1300 for 32-40 visitors (4 guides)
41 pax and above will pay P30 each

Access Fee: P10 each

Things to do in Sagada


Chasing waterfalls in Sagada is also a fun activity! They have 3 major falls:

1. Bomod-Ok Falls - 3 hours hike (back and forth) from Banga an. It is also called as the big falls.

Guide Fee: P500 for 1-7 visitors
Baranggay Fee: P10 each
Transportation Fee: P650

2. Pongas Falls - 1-hour hike from Brgy. Suyo.

Guide Fee: 600 for 1-10 visitors
Transportation: P650

3. Bokong Falls - Also known as the little falls. It is more accessible than Bomod-Ok and Pongas Falls.

Guide Fee: 300 for 1-10 visitors
Transportation: P250

Things to do in Sagada

Mountain Trekking

1. Mt. Ampacao Traverse - 3 hours loop hike from the town center to Lake Danum viewpoint then to Mt. Ampacao down to the village of Demang or Ambasing (or vice versa)

Guide Fee: P1200 for 10 visitors or less

2. Grassy Land / Marlboro - 2 to 3 hours of back trekking. It is also a sunrise viewpoint

Guide Fee:
P 800 for Sunrise viewing (4-5am) - 10 visitors or less
P600 for 8am onwards - 10 visitors or less

Transportation: 650

3. Langsayan Danum Traverse - 3 hours hike or more, passing through mossy and pine forest.

Guide Fee: P1000 for 3 visitors or less

4. Marlboro Hills - Blue Soil Traverse - 5 hours trek. Sunrise viewing at Marlboro Hills passing by pine tree forest, down to blue soil.

Guide Fee:
P1600 for 1-5 visitors
P300 each for 6 pax and above

Transportation: P1350

Things to do in Sagada

Other activities:

Sightseeing - Dokiw Hanging Coffins View Point, Lumiang Burial Cave Entrance
Guide Fee: P300 for 10 visitors or less
Transportation: P350 (Optional

Rock Climbing and Rappeling  - Around 30 M high, no time limit, and equipment are provided.
Fee: 800 for 1 visitor or P400 each for 2 or more visitors.

Nabas-ang Ridge Sunset - Leave for Nabas-ang at 4:30 pm (20 minutes drive from the town proper)
Fee: P550 for 1-10 visitors or P55 each for more than 10 visitors

During our visit, Kiltepan and Lake Danum are currently closed, and I'm not sure when they will start accepting tourists again.

Things to do in Sagada

Things To Remember

1. All tourists are required to register at the Tourist Information Office and pay the registration fee of P50/pax. You must bring the receipt with you, for it serves as your entrance pass to the sites.

2. There's a "No Guide, No Tour" Policy to all the sites. Tours must only be done by LGU-registered local tour guides

3. Respect all sacred grounds and sites. Minimize your voice when visiting the sacred places, and SHOUTING is not allowed.

4. All tourist vehicles are prohibited in going to or from tourist sites. Only local transport shall be allowed to ferry tourists to identified sites.

5. Always inform the management of your lodging house if you will not be back by 10pm

Things to do in Sagada

6. Walking is a major activity in Sagada because there are no taxi or tricycle around, so you must prepare your legs and bring non-slippery footwear.

7. There is a curfew in Sagada from 9:00 PM to 4:00 AM

8. There are no fancy hotels here. Accommodations are basic and may not provide toiletries.

9. Reduce the use of plastic such as sachets, plastic straw, spoon, and fork. Bring your own refillable water bottle or tumbler if possible.

10. Do not take close photos of local rituals. Ask permission before taking pictures of individuals.

Things to do in Sagada

How To Get Here

There are several ways to reach Sagada from Manila or any point of Luzon but these two are the most convenient:

From Manila - You may ride the Coda Lines bus in Cubao, going to Sagada. They have 1 nightly schedule, which is at 9PM. 

From Baguio – You may ride any bus going to Baguio, then walk or ride a taxi going to Dangwa Terminal. Look for GL Transit and ride the bus going to Besao. They have daily trips starting as early as 5AM departing every hour until 1PM.

Going to Sagada is indeed a perfect way to round out your experience if you are in the Philippines. It may be far from the city, but it is undoubtedly worth every mile of travel. I will definitely come back here to explore more of the place or if I want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city life, and to have a relaxing break.


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