Althea Korea: A'Bloom Collection Review

by - May 07, 2019

Althea Korea: A'Bloom Collection Review

Are you ready for the freshest and the cutest collection in town?! Althea just launched another collection under Althea exclusives. It's the A'Bloom Collection that consists of  super adorable and juicy skincare products and their first beauty tool. The said collection is something that you should consider adding to your skin care and beauty routine because these are super effective and one thing is for sure, it will not break the bank!

Althea Korea: A' Bloom Collection Review

 BHA Blackhead Blaster

This BHA Blackhead Blaster removes blackheads and whiteheads painlessly. It purifies pores instantly with natural ingredients. It also sweeps away impurities to reveal soft clean skin and prevents future formation of blackheads and whiteheads, and since it melts away impurities, it also prevents future breakouts! The BHA Blackhead Blaster comes with a stick making it easy to carry around. This is perfect for people like me who hates painful way of removing blackheads.

Althea Korea: A' Bloom Collection Review

1. After Cleansing, apply onto the targeted areas with excessive sebum.
2. Gently massage in a circular motion to release trapped oil and dirt.
3. Rinse off with lukewarm water

Althea Korea: A' Bloom Collection Review

Refreshing Sheet Masks

In this collection, Althea Korea also released their own sheet mask with 4 different variants; Moisturizing Watermelon ( Water-Me-Long) for dryness and hydration, Nourishing Avocado (Avo-Cuddle-Me) for wrinkles and anti-aging, Brightening Lemon Lime (Sparkle-Me-Bright) for brightening and even skin tone, and lastly, the Anti-Blemish Peach (Ac-Me-Peach) for anti-blemish redness.

The fruit masks pack are made with strong antioxidant power of fruits and soothing energy of natural plants to care for each skin concern such as hydration, nutrition, whitening and blemishes. Each masks has a full bottle of essence (25g) making it super moist with high concentrated moisture essense. The PH balancing helps strengthens skin barrier as well as re-charge the skin with fresh energy. 

Althea Korea: A' Bloom Collection Review

Meringue Puffs

The first beauty tool from A’bloom by Althea is the first meringue sponge puff designed which was inspired by baking meringue cookies. Achieve the perfect skin makeup with the lovely, cute pastel pink color and cookie-shaped meringue puff. 

They have the giant meringue puff will provide quick and smooth makeup application on wide surface of the skin and the baby meringue puff that will provide fine and detailed makeup application on small surface of the skin with its pointed tips.

I really enjoyed using all the products on this A'Bloom collection by Althea Korea! I also made a video on how I used them, so please check it out and subscribe to my channel if you haven't already. I'll be uploading more product review soon!

All of the items on A'Bloom Collection are now available at Althea's website. They are not just cute but affordable too!

BHA Blackhead Blaster - 200 PHP
Giant Meringue Puff - 100 PHP
Baby Meringue Puff - 140 PHP
A'Bloom Masks - 20 PHP

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  1. i can't wait to try out the masks! and i love the meringue puffs, so cute!

  2. those Meringue Puffs are just so cutelaa!! seems like alot of people using the mask too!

  3. ah this is a nice collection. I especially like the cute packaging of Refreshing Sheet Masks. Enjoy pampering yourselves with it

  4. Everything looks so interesting!! I think I'm gonna go boom on my beauty budget this month! 😂 Can't wait to try it all!

  5. I'm loving this collection. The puffs works really well

  6. I can't wait to try the new mask! Have Restock for few months!

  7. I love the entire collection! Is affordable and cute too, thanks for the write up!


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