Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Casa San Pablo: Home of Stories

A bed and breakfast is quite simply a place to stay for the night with complimentary breakfast. Different from resorts and hotels, staying in a bed and breakfast gives us a direct taste of what living in the town we are travelling is like and a chance to connect, perhaps even make life-long friends with the innkeepers. 

Nestled in the first class city of Laguna, Casa San Pablo is a bed and breakfast place where you can come for inspiration and creativity. It is a bed and breakfast, events venue, and art space in one. It's like a cozy country inn surrounded by pine trees and sprawling lawns. 

Casa San Pablo is owned by an avid art collector and hobby enthusiast Boots Alcantara and his wife An Mercado-Alcantara, writer and clay artisan. The main cottage and all the rooms reflects their pursuit of contemporary and folk art, eclectic junk-turned-art and literary collections.

If you're looking for a chance to recharge your creative energy and if you want to re-learn to look at the world with new childlike wonder, Casa San Pablo is a perfect place for a getaway

Also an art space, Casa San Pablo provides not only a space to exhibit crafts and works of artists, writers, musicians, designers, performers, filmmakers, as well as individuals, family, groups and corporate crews, but also a learning environment for local public school teachers, students, and the happy and warm residents of San Pablo City, Laguna.

At Casa San Pablo, they create terracotta clay storytellers that are hand-pinched and hand painted.

Here's an example of their clay storytellers - "Kuwento de Kahon" a retablo series featuring small town Filipino traditions and this one is the Christmas Parol.

One of a must-try in Casa San Pablo is the Stone Art.

Here's how the cafe looks like

Aside from the Bed and Breakfast, Museum, Cafe, and Clay stories, Casa San Pablo also offers Coconut cooking tour where in you will experience the different edible stages of a coconut and you will learn 3 ways to prepare "gata"  

Casa San Pablo provides a unique experience as it is designed to allow couples as well as big groups to comfortably find an escape away from home where they can relax, rejuvenate, learn and celebrate without the stress of the hustle and bustle that the city brings. 


  1. wow! I've been to San Pablo multiple times but I've never been here. Will check this out the next time I'm there.

  2. I always appreciate a place with a unique story and unique presentation to guests. This is an example. You dont only get to unwind, you also learn something new and gives you a channel to appreciate arts and history. I hope marami pa ako mapuntahan na ganito. :)

  3. You found a gem! I often go to San Pablo to visit their lakes. It's my first time to hear about Casa San Pablo. I'll definitely add this to my itinerary when I visit Laguna!

  4. The coconut cooking tour sounds interesting! Many thinks that cooking with coconuts are easy, but in reality its not. There are techniques to learn to cook coconut milk without making it too oily.

  5. You can really see the proprietor's love of nature and art. It combines a relaxing ambiance with some stimulating artwork. Quite an interesting place to visit and stay in.


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