Sunday, November 25, 2018

Day Tour in Villa Escudero

If you want to experience our Philippine heritage like never before, you must visit Villa Escudero - A self-contained working coconut plantation that was founded in the 1880s by Don Placido Escudero and his wife Dona Claudia Marasigan. Originally planted to sugarcane, the crop was converted to coconut by their son Don Arsenio Escudero in the early 1900s. A pioneering agro-industrialist, he built the country’s first working hydroelectric plant to supply his dessicated coconut factory and Villa Escudero, where he and his wife Dona Rosario Adap built in 1929.

Their children opened the estate to the public in 1981. From its humble beginnings, the resort has become a prime tourist destination for locals, overseas Filipinos and a wide array of foreign visitors to the country. It has a worldwide reputation as a showcase for the Philippines’ rich cultural heritage, offering a beguiling glimpse of its history, cuisine, dress, customs and natural beauty a mere two hours away from Manila.

There are fun things that you can do here; You can walk through the museum which houses one of the country’s largest private collections of world antiquities, Paddle a native bamboo raft on still waters of the river, enjoy the Philippine Experience Show and watch the country’s cultural legacy come to life. You can also Explore the lush surroundings and see many resident bird species along the way. If you want to relax, you can take a dip in the pool with a great view of the nature!

We arrived in Villa Escudero at almost 9:00 in the morning and the first thing that we did was visiting the Escudero Private Museum. It is one of the largest museums in the country. Various artifacts have been collected from all over the world. Sad to say, we are not allowed to take photos inside.

After that, we rode a Carabao cart going to the Waterfalls!

Here's the Labasin Waterfalls

We had our early lunch at Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant. It is one of the center-pieces of Villa Escudero. We enjoyed the traditional Filipino buffet lunch while our feet is submerged in the shallow running water.

At 1:30 pm, we went back to the Pavilion to watch the Philippine Cultural Show. The show starts at 2:00 pm. Since we still have 30 minutes to spare, Kapampangan Traveller and I decided to try the Bamboo Water Rafting.

Enjoy a leisurely paddle on a native bamboo raft on the still waters of the river.

After that quick arm exercise (lol) we went back to our table, took a rest, and we ordered a refreshing mango shake at Cafe Indigo

Just in time for the cultural show!

The Philippine Experience Show showcases the country’s rich culture that has been preserved by traditional dances and music.

Other amenities that they have is the newly opened swimming pools, this includes one pool for the children, an infinity pool and an adult pool. 

and that ends our day tour at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort! They also have available rooms and cottages if you want an overnight stay. Since some of you were asking me on Instagram about the rates, here's a package for a day tour:

That includes a welcome drink, museum tour, carabao cart ride, use of outdoor recreational facilities, lunch at the waterfalls, and cultural show every Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and selected holidays. Just a disclaimer, prices may change at anytime without further notice. For more details, you can check their website:

Villa Escudero, Km 91, Tiaong, Quezon 

Manila Sales Office:
1059 Estrada Street, Malate 1004 Metro Manila

Contact Numbers:
+63 (02) 523-0392, +63 (02) 521-0830, +63 (02) 523-2944, +63 917-583-7727, +63 919-993-4744, +63 923-741-0605

Email Adress:


  1. I would love to bring my parents here! Before, we've been hesitating 'cause feedback from friends are mostly "it's too expensive there" but seeing the place from your photos make me really wanna go there!

  2. I went there few months ago. I'd say it's overrated hehe. The museum is not well-maintained and the food is so so. On the other hand, I enjoyed the Jacuzzi and bamboo rafting!

  3. Very informative. I also went here last summer. I am just not in favor of riding carabaos because they are too old already and I prefer riding trams. At least, okay ang view and madami activities pwede gawin. Just so expensive! Haha

  4. Really want to go here. I want to experience the waterfalls there while eating lunch. How's the water? Is it cold ba? Hehe and how's the food?

  5. This is an impressive tour, and oh boy those foods screams Pinoy-authenticity!
    Hope to visit very soon :D

  6. nice post amazing place i want to visit

  7. I so love the pink church and the waterfalls resto.. I wanna visit it too!

  8. I'm eyeing on this place. Need to grab someone to go with me! Haha!

  9. Ang ganda dyan! I hope soon maka pag-book din ako soon. Ano yung main-highlight sa tour dyan? :)

  10. Its been a while since the last time we went here, and still ang ganda parin!! Sana one of this days makabalik kami dito

  11. This place has always been in my bucket list but have never visited it! Although I have been to Wawa Dam in Rizal, which gives the same waterfall-like effect of Labasin Waterfalls. Hopefully this year, I'll cross this off my list!

  12. This place is very beautiful and flowery. We can enjoy its incredibly beauty, fresh air and simply our good mood. Thank you for the introduction.


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