Tuesday, November 6, 2018

9 Things to do in Baliwag, Bulacan

Baliwag is one of the developing town in the province of Bulacan which is a haven of historical, ecological and cultural heritages. It is the major commerce, transportation, entertainment and educational center of Northern Bulacan. Many historic “firsts” were held in Baliwag such as the first ever local election in the country under the American regime, the first ever self-supporting clock tower in Bulacan, and now, they have the Glorietta Park as the first ever Go-WiFi Park powered by Globe Telecom among local government units in Bulacan.

We often underestimate this town. For others, it is known as a place for stop over when visitors or travelers are going to other nearby towns and cities. Baliwag, Bulacan is more than that. There are actually ton of places to visit and exciting things that you can do for a day or two in this town that's why I've list down 10 of the things that you can do when you visit Baliwag.

1. Try the Killer Okoy at Gloria Romero's.

This something that you shouldn't miss if you will pass by Baliwag, Bulacan! Their Okoy is really to die for! It is made of shrimps, cornstarch, egg, salt and pepper to taste and it also has veggies like squash and carrots. I highly suggest to have your breakfast at Gloria Romero's because aside from the Killer Okoy, their longganisa is also good!

2. Visit the Saint Augustine Parish Church

The Saint Augustine Parish Church is commonly known as Baliwag Church. It is a Roman Catholic church located in Plaza Naning at the town center. Its architectural style is Baroque as evidenced by the facade and interiors. It is one of the finest and elegant church I've visited. We went there on a Sunday that's why the church was crowded. There are lots of people who attended the mass on that day. The church is a parish church of the Diocese of Malolos, which is a suffragan of the Archdiocese of Manila and it is famous with its gigantic bell tower that rungs to call the attention of the townsmen of the mass that is about to happen.

3. Photo walk around the plaza

After Visiting the church, you can do a photo walk around the area. The plaza has beautiful spots where you can take some photos. Here are some of them

Andres Bonifacio Monument

Dr. Jose P. Rizal Monument

If there's a Big Ben in London, Baliwag has a City Clock Tower that stands 3 stories high. It is is one of the popular Heritage attractions in the town.

Glorietta Park

The streets of the town is also picturesque!

4. Witness the Buntal Weaving at Lumang Munisipyo (old municipal building)

Buntal hat became one of Bulacan’s traditional crafts and the symbol of the municipality of Baliwag. They manages to carve a name on buntal hat weaving. They are exporting hats abroad and creates economic potentials for the people, primarily due to the expansion, experimentation and even lamentation of the Baliwagueá¹…os. At the old municipal building or the lumang munisipyo, you can witness the buntal weaving by the elderly. 

5. Visit the Baliwag Museum and Library

On the 2nd floor of the old municipal building, there's a museum of cultural heritage of Baliwag, Bulacan and a library that is opened to public with thousands of books to choose from different genres of choice.

6. Try the Famous Kalahi Pastillas de Leche

The Kalahi Pastillas de Leche is very famous in Baliwag. It is made only from pure carabao’s milk, and it is slowly cooked that gives its excellent taste! This is a great pasalubong to your family and friends. It is also a must-try!

7. Visit the Bahay na Bato in Baliwag University

One of the Instagram worthy places that you can visit in Baliwag is the Bahay na Bato. It is located inside the Baliwag University. Bahay na Bato is the remnants of the first classroom of the university. The first floor was renovated but still, the old structure remains. There's a chapel and a multi-purpose hall inside.

8. Eat Rabbit Dishes 

One of the fun and exciting thing that you can try in Baliwag is to eat rabbit dishes at Aven Nature's Farm and Rabbitry. You can visit the farm and request Rabbit dishes like Sisig, Menudo, Tinola, Caldereta Sinigang, etc. If you are interested to book for a day tour at the farm, you can check the full details here.

9. Buy Pasalubong at Fernando's Bakery

Fernando's Bakery might sound familiar. It's because they already dominate showbiz occasions specially birthdays of artists from ABS-CBN that get played up on television. It is the home of delectable cake, cupcakes, and different types of bread and pastries. If you pass by Baliwag Bulacan, you can buy your pasalubong at Fernando's bakery.


  1. Sarap nung Okoy! Fave ng dad ko :) Yayain ko sila dito next time

    1. Yes! Malapit lang naman ang Bulacan. Just few hours drive from Manila :)

  2. Nakaka miss tlaga yung okoy.. .. Saka pansit Guisado.. Chicharong bulaklak.. Saka kare-kare.. The best! Gloria Romeros Restaurant.. Gusto kona umuwi.. Haha..

    See you soo..

    1. The best talaga ang okoy nila for me! and the meaty longganisa

  3. It's good to know that there are many places to visit in Baliwag, Bulacan. I only remember it because of Lechon Manok, hehe :) Hmm, quite not in favor of eating rabbit though :(

    1. It's okay :) If you like rabbits you can visit their rabbitry farm. They have hundreds of rabbits!

  4. I'd love to do everything except that part with the rabbits. Huhubels! I've been to Bulacan but not in Baliwag. I'd love to visit the historical places in the future.

    1. Yes, ang daming historical places na pwedeng puntahan :)

  5. Bulacan is something I wish to explore someday coz the old Spanish culture is still there. That would be awesome to experience.

    1. I agree with you Blair :) Their historical and cultural heritages remains the same.

  6. Weve resolved to taking our kids places since last year, even if it's just in a nearby city and I wondered where I could take them in Bulacan. This is a good place to start. Thanks!

  7. Looks like a great place to immerse into the local culture! been here before for some hotel reviews and food crawl :) enjoyed so much! next time i wanna experience the weaving too!

  8. Sayang ngayon ko lang ito nabasa. Kakagaling lang namin sa Baliwag, in one of the resorts there. We saw a church in the town center that looks old & beautiful, but since it was already dark I don't know if that is the Baliwag Church? Will go buy pastillas next time. :)

  9. I've just discovered your blog... I always go to Baliuag and never heard of the Rabbitry... now im intrigued gonna check them out next week!


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