Sunday, October 28, 2018

Blogapalooza 2018: ConnecteD at City of Dreams Manila

Blogapalooza is an event that I always look forward to attend every year. It's a free and exclusive event for Bloggers, Content Creators, and Businesses that wants to connect with influential people to promote their brands.

I still remember my first Blogapalooza experience last 2015 (you can read it here) and I can't believed we are on its 8th rendition already! This year's Blogapalooza event was held at the Grand Ballroom, City of Dreams Manila, same as last year. The event started at 10:15 am with a welcome remarks by the Blogamomma, Ace Gapuz and it was hosted by Janelle Tee.

Here are the speakers and Panels during the event

Monetizing YouTube Content by Jamill, Emman Nimedez, and Viy Cortez

 Miko David discussed everything we need to know about data, analytics, and Influence Marketing. I really enjoyed this topic because I learned more in Digital Marketing which I can used on my future projects as a Digital Marketer.

Next topic is about engaging Gen X by Erika Padilla and Nadia Montenegro

Followed by Nix Eniego discussing the secrets to Instagram domination. He gave us tips on how to use the hashtags properly, and to increase Instagram followers.

After that, Christine Babao shared her experience in transitioning from traditional to Digital Media and of course, her blogging journey.

Last Panel were the Queens of Digital Media - Rui Mariano, MatMat Centino, and Francine Garcia. They showed us how witty they are in answering the questions, and shared us on how they are using the Digital Media responsibly.

I'm with Mujee of Eats in the Philippines, JD Fernando, and Will of Will Explore Philippines

Of course, Blogapalooza wouldn't be the Philippine's biggest B2B (Business to Blogger) event without the help of our amazing sponsors and brand partners! 




Philippine Airlines, the official airline partner - Grocery Delivery


Wizher Share

AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines

Lex Meet

Kiss Kiss

Eagle's Wings Enterprises

Big Benta


Food Source PH

Messiah College Foundation Inc.

Shape Cloud


Koko Roko

Kim Store

Other partners and sponsors are: AdMov - Advertise on Grab, Alfox Printing Services, Automart.PH, Carlo Rossi, Globaltronics, Ivory House 360 Motion Space, KKday, Mikilala Ka ba?, MyHomeCare,,, Star Keratin, Starbucks Philippines, Seeker, and to our official venue partner, City of Dreams Manila

Image result for city of dreams manila front 2018

I learned a lot from the speakers and group panels because they gave us more knowledge that would really help in improving our craft. 

This year became very special for me because I had the chance to bond with different Bloggers, YouTubers, and Influencers from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao!

Image may contain: 19 people, including Nicole San Miguel, Aldrick 'chiki' Zabala Agpaoa, Fiona Katherine, Johnn Mendoza, Jd Fernando and Ralph LA, people smiling

Norte Bloggers from Baguio, Pangasinan, Subic, Pampanga, Cebu Bloggers, Tuguegarao and SOX Bloggers

Thank you so much to our Blogamomma, Ace Gapuz, Maddie Cruz, and the rest of  the Blogapalooza Team for connecting us! Even though, we are from different parts of the Philippines with different dialects, and from different blog groups, we had so much fun in getting to know each other and we really enjoyed one another's company. 

Blogapalooza 2018: ConnecteD is over but the connection we built over the weekend will be in our hearts forever. We have one goal and we are ready to #ElevateInfluence

'Till next year Bloga Fam!


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    1. Looks like a successful event and ang daming sponsors! Have you got new leads or contacts with them? With these many sponsors am sure it is a great opportunity for you ladies!

  2. Wow! We bloggers needed to attend these kind stuff!!!

  3. Wow! That was fast! :) I enjoyed the event as well, seeing other bloggers is one of the best and interviewing every brand is really interesting.

  4. Glad you had an awesome experience. I overlooked this event again, perhaps next time i will attend.

  5. Missed Blogapalooza 2018. It looked super fun and it's an event to make friends and connections. I'd definitely go next year!

  6. I attended the 2015 event but I was not able to attend during the succeeding editions because of family-related commitments. I enjoyed it, hope to attend next year.

  7. I missed it before and I missed it again.. My nasabay na event.. Hopefully next time maka attend na ako.. It was a fun-filled event for bloggers..

    1. Yes, sobrang fun! Ni l-look forward ko talaga to every year :)

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    1. Ohh, I hope you enjoyed the event as much as I did :)

  9. Wow! You obviously had a great time at the event! Too bad, there's a conflict of schedule for me :( Hoping to meet you soon also!


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