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by - June 30, 2018

Dingalan is the southernmost municipality of Aurora that is 3 to 4 hours away from manila. It is dubbed as "Batanes of the East" or "Paradise of the East". One of the travel destinations on my bucket list was Batanes. But since it is far away and expensive, I found an alternative place where you can feel the vibe of Batanes and aside from that, there are lot of things that you can do in this hidden paradise of Aurora in just a day. Here are just some of those..

Cliff Diving/Swimming at Lamao Cave

I'm not into water activities but I had fun swimming inside the cave. It's a bit scary at first, because you will hear a strange sound inside (it feels like there's a monster inside the cave na pwedeng lumabas anytime. lol) and there are lot of bats inside the cave. But anyway, I enjoyed it so much! 

Swimming and Picture taking at Suah Rock Formations

Sun was really up and I didn't mind the heat. This is just 10 minutes away from Lamao Cave. You can swim, take a picture and appreciate the beauty of the sea. Just be careful with the sea urchins, the sting is painful and can lead to infection. It's better if you will wear an aqua shoes or outdoor sandals.

This is one of the best attractions in Dingalan.

Relax at the White Beach Resort

You can't find any hotel or high end resort in town but you can stay at white beach which is located at Brgy. Paltic. It's 30-40 minutes away from the feeder port (estimated boat ride) You can set up a tent or rent a cottage. You can also bring food and take your lunch here so that you don't have to go back to feeder port.

Unfortunately, the sand is not white anymore. The tour guide said it's because of Typhoon Ondoy (2009) that caused soil erosion in the area. He already set our expectations before the tour because we might expect for a white sand since it is a White beach. It is not that bad naman, it turns white pa rin naman when the sun is up.

But I'm a firm believer that it only needs some rest for the beach to replenish. If only they could just give it a time to heal. it can bring back its old look and formation.


The highlight of this trip is to trek for me to see the breath taking view of Dingalan - The reason why it is called the Batanes of the East, which I will be sharing on my next blog post!

There where two ways. One will lead you to the mountain view deck and the other way will lead you to the light house. Duration is 15-20 minutes trek to the view deck and another 15-20 minutes to the light house.

which will be worth it! You won't mind the long walk and tiring climb after seeing the view from the top.

Swimming and Cliff Diving at Tanawan Falls

Tanawan Falls should be in your list if you will visit Dingalan. After a tiring trek, a dip into the cold water of Tanawan Falls is very satisfying. To get here, you can ride a motor or habal-habal for P100-P120 and travel time is 5-10 minutes but if you're feeling extra, you can trek the way up to the falls. You will also crossed a bridge that is made of woods.

Just a reminder, you don't have to bring so much things if you will go here. Just bring the things that you really need. We can't tell, it might get lost. It's better to be careful.


Boat ride - P100/head minimum of 8 pax
Tourism Fee - P50/head
Dingalan View deck entrance - P20/head
Spot Guide Fee- P200
Additional P500 boat ride fee if you will go to Lamao Cave and Suah Rock formations
Cottage - P500 for day tour and P1000 for overnight

Here's a sample itinerary:

6:00 am - Dingalan Feeder port for registration and preparation
6:15 am - Boatride to White Beach
6:30 am - White Beach
6:40 am - Start Trekking to Viewdeck
7:10 am - Picture taking at Viewdeck and Appreciate the View
8:00 am - Start Trekking to Lighthouse
9:00 am Start descend
9:30 am - Boat ride to Lamao Cave
11:00 am - Suah Rock Formations
12:00 - Go back to Feeder port for Lunch
1:00 pm - Go to Tanawan Falls
1:30 - 3:00 pm - Swimming and Cliff Diving at Tanawan Falls
3:30 pm - Descend/Clean up 
On your way home, you can drop by "I LOVE DINGALAN" marker

For a hassle-free travel, you can join a tour for just a thousand pesos and I recommend Pobreng Wanderer, if you want to go to Dingalan. It's my first time to travel with this agency and the tour coordinators are very friendly and accommodating. You can contact by phone (09174596966/09174543800) or visit their facebook page here

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  1. Didn't know that there is beauty in Dingalan. I'm only an hour or two away from this place. Thanks for your post. will Definitely Visit this very soon! <3

  2. Very insightful post. I will be visiting place and other destinations in Aurora soon. Regarding the boat, are there any shared boat option if I will be travelling solo?


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