Monday, September 26, 2016

Things You Should Know About Blogging

Most people nowadays have their own blogs and have knowledge on what blogging is. If you are planning to create a blog, here are the few things that you should know about blogging which are all based on what I have experienced.

It's fun!

No doubt, blogging is fun! You will meet different people with same interest as you, get VIP invites and receive freebies. But those are just rewards that you can get. There's so much more than you think. You can learn a lot and improve yourself, built strong bond with other bloggers that could lead to friendship, blogging also enhances your written skills as well as oral communication since you are also dealing with different types of people.

Spending money on your blog

Blogging is free. But if you want to take it seriously, you need to invest with something that will make your blog grow and helps you to improve your content. For example, the hosting and domain, it's very important to have your domain name because it helps you in building your own brand and you need to pay for it yearly. Some bloggers are also paying for the design of the blog because it has a big impact on your readers. But if you are creative and has knowledge on web designing, you can do it yourself.

When it comes to your content, you may invest with a good camera that can produce high quality images. I'm not saying that you are required to buy a camera if you want to start a blog. You can use your smartphones in taking your OOTDs if you're into fashion, or whatever. Just be creative.

Spending money on your blog will definitely improve your blog in all ways. Trust me, you will earn that in the future.

It's difficult to maintain your traffic

Maintaining your audience and traffic is hard. You may have new readers everyday but you can't expect them to read your blog regularly. But still, there are loyal readers that always checks your blog and wait for your updates. Just keep your blog active and you will never lose your readers

Dealing with haters

We cannot please everyone. That's a fact. There were people that would try to pull you down when they see you growing and some bloggers will treat you as their competitors. If you happen to receive negative comments or hate mails, don't get upset or frustrated. It's normal, just ignore them and erase negativity. Don't get affected and turn that feeling to motivation.

You can never avoid comparison

Comparison is a big thing and there's a possibility that you'll get stuck there. We are being compared with other bloggers. Personally, we should overcome it by just focusing on our own blog and improve it in better ways possible. Be genuine and true to yourself, so that it would reflect on your blog.

Patience and Consistency is the key to Success

It takes months, and sometimes years to build a community out of your traffic. You really need to make time and effort but it's all gonna be worth it. Blogging is a hardwork. It’s disappointing sometimes when you post an article and don’t see any traffic, and it’s difficult when you just don’t know what to do next specially when you are just starting. Just be patient and you will get your break soon. Be consistent in posting blog articles without compromising the quality of each blog post.

I started blogging in the year 2012 and I got my first paid article in the year 2015 and then great opportunities came. I had the chance to work with different brands. It's difficult to establish a name in this industry but if you have the patience to wait, you'll get there.

Building your own brand

This is very very important for us bloggers. Choosing the name of your blog depending on your niche and sticking to it. You can also build a strong brand image by the design of your blog, by using a unique logo, and catchy header. But most importantly, you need to be credible and produce a worth reading content for your readers.

As your blog grows and becomes more branded, you also become more branded.

Checking emails is a part of the routine

When you're a blogger, never ever missed to check your emails every day just like in any other jobs. Some Brands/Companies and PR sends invitation few days before the event, and sometimes, a day before the event. When it comes to campaign or project proposals, it's best to respond as soon as possible to make good impression to the brand or the company that's why you need to check emails regularly.

You will love it more than you know

Lastly, when you are already hooked in blogging, you'll definitely love it! There were times that you will received good comments and your readers will send an email, thanking you and telling you that you inspired them, the feeling is so priceless! You will be encouraged and motivated to work hard for them.

I can say that blogging really changed my life. I can't imagine myself doing other things than writing.

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