4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Cafe Fleur

by - August 13, 2016

Whenever I visit a new restaurant, there are few things that I look forward to, aside from great dishes and Cafe Fleur didn't fail me with that. Everything in the Cafe are so hard to resist! Here are just few reasons for you to visit and dine in at Cafe Fleur. 

1. Amazing Interior Designs

Cafe Fleur is an old house that is restored and transformed into a restaurant that's why I find it effortlessly beautiful with its neutral color that is cozy and has a classy ambiance at the same time. It is well designed, having the right decoration that suits the place. All in all, it was a blend of old and modern touch. It is definitely an instagram worthy place!

2. Different Varieties Inspired Through Travels

The owner, Chef Sau Del Rosario loves traveling! That's why the restaurant has an international twist from the interior, up to the menu itself. You would feel a mixture of international and local vibe when you dine in at Cafe Fleur,

They serves Thai Cuisine at Leh-Leh, still part of Cafe Fleur

3. Capampangan Dishes with a Twist

Chef Sau admits that Capampangan are hard to please when it comes to food, specially Capampangan dishes since almost them are great cook. That's why he came up with an idea of executing the menu with a twist.

An example of this, is the Tamales Pampangueña. Traditionally, it is wrapped and served in a banana leaves. But in Cafe Fleur, they serve it in a small glass with a bread.

During our visit, we tried a lot of mouthwatering dishes from appetizers, salad, soup, up to the main course. And I must say, they are all truly delightful!

For the dessert, we had Bibingka Cheesecake, Pandan Sansrival, and Jack Fruit Sansrival.

4. Inspiring Story Behind Every Details

Cafe Fleur won the hearts of many of their customers not just with good food but also with the heartwarming story of the restaurant, and the owner himself. If only you could hear it directly from him, you will feel gratified and motivated.

There's no doubt why Manileños are willing to drive and travel for 2 hours just to visit Cafe Fleur. Here's a good news! Chef Sau is planning to restore another ancestral house into a new restaurant and we are all excited with that!!

In case you want to visit and try the priceless experience that I had, Cafe Fleur is located at Miranda St. Angeles City. Just across the Imerex Hotel or make a reservation through their Facebook page and contact them at: 045-304-1301/0995-313-8413

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