All-Natural Ultimate White Facial Treatment

by - July 30, 2016

For people like me who has a low pain tolerance and hates pricking so bad, it's so hard to maintain a clean, fresh and younger skin if you don't regularly go to clinic to have your facial treatment. Luckily, Flawless has their All-Natural Ultimate White Facial treatment. It is the Philippine’s first facial treatment that uses a combination of natural exfoliators, antioxidants and whitening agents to lighten the skin and treat hyperpigmentations, photodamage and premature aging.

It is designed to combat pimple-causing bacteria while minimizing pores and removing excess oil, uses a combination of all natural ingredients from the Dead Sea, including Dunaliella which immediately lightens and smoothens the skin. It also helps appearance of wrinkles or finelines.

So last week, I went to Flawless' clinic at SM Pampanga to have my facial treatment. All-Natural Ultimate White Facial is not as painful as you thought compared to other facial treatments where in you wanna scream to death because of the pain, and it is all-natural.

After cleansing my face which is the first step, I had a relaxing facial massage. Then she put an exfoliator and scrub my face to remove those dead skin cells. The treatment includes pricking which is painful since I had pimples on the right side of my face caused by period but the Aesthetician did it well.

Then after the laser, I was treated with an Ultimate White Mask. It's a soothing mask that has a nice herbal and minty smell. After a few minutes, I started to feel some stingy sensation then the Aesthetician turned on the mini desk fan and pointed it to my face and the cold breeze lessen the stingy feeling.

Afterwards, she puts a nourishing moisturizer as a final touch. It's an oil that has a citrus smell. The whole procedure took an hour and it was worth it. It lightened my face and the dark circles under my eyes caused by watching Korean dramas all night were gone!

The All-Natural Ultimate White Facial treatment works for any skin type. After your first session, you will immediately see the result. Thank you so much team Flawless for the warm welcome specially to Ms. Bethel, my Aesthetician for taking good care of me during my visit and making the whole procedure bearable.

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