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by - June 23, 2016

What is a good way to end up your week? Movie day? or a Pamper day? Oh girl,  you don't have to decide because you can do both at the same time! Relax and refresh with a much needed foot and hand massage while watching your favorite movie on the big screen. Yes, it's possible!! Thanks to La Armonia Theater Spa and Salon.

If you are in need of a relaxation after a long day of work, you can't go wrong with La Armonia Theater Spa and Salon. It is one of the ultimate destination for relaxation and entertainment. They are the first and only Spa Salon in Pampanga, or even in the Region III that offers a theater service while having a massage that is suitable for the whole family. But before we talked about the Theater Spa and start your relaxing journey, let me first give you a quick tour to their salon.

La Armonia offers nail care - Regular manicure/pedicure, French manicure/pedicure, Gel manicure and salon services from hair cut, shampoo, highlights, Loreal hair color, and hair rebonding, steam bond, Keratin, and Loreal Spa treatments.

For special occasions, you can have your hair and make up done by La Armonia. They can accommodate group or single customer either full or eye make up, including regular manicure and pedicure.

If you are not from the area, or you don't know where the place is, they can pick you up! Isn't convenient?

Now, let's go to their bed massage services!

Bed massage services, body scrubs, waxing services, diamond peel services, and facial treatments for both male and female are available.

What I love most about La Armonia is their relaxing interior design. When you're inside, you will feel very relaxed because of their lights and all you can see is brown and green, with nature designs that's why it feels relaxing by just seeing everything in the place and hearing a calm music.

You can also enjoy their Sauna and Private rooms for a solemn relaxation experience.

They have nice facilities, and relaxing ambiance. The Staff that will accommodate you are very friendly, approachable and fully trained.

The most exciting part, and my most favorite is the Theater Spa Services!!

The idea of having an extraordinary state of relaxation by watching a movie while having a pampering massage was originally from the owner of La Armonia Theater Spa and Salon. As I have said, it is the only Spa Salon that offers theater service in the Region III.

They have almost 1000 HD movies that you can choose from, either international or local movies with different genres

The flavors of their popcorns are the same flavor of the fries from Potato Corner. Wasabi, sour cream, barbeque, cheese, name it, they have it! Aside from the free popcorns, they also offers free and unlimited iced tea for their customers


I tried their Foot Reflex while watching the movie, "always be my maybe" munching their tasty sour cheese pop corn with unlimited iced tea. You too can experience this and other services at very affordable price. 

The Theater Spa can accommodate 12 customers. They are open for private reservations. Events like bridal shower and spa parties can happen here! They also have a family package promo that's perfect for a relaxing family day.

Whether you wanna have a "me" time, or bond with your friends and family, the Theater Spa is the perfect place for you to relax your body while your mind focused on your favorite movie on the big screen. Try it now at La Armonia Theater Spa and Salon. It's located at 2nd floor, Oceana Commercial Complex, McArthur Highway, Balibago, Angeles City.

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