Sunday, June 5, 2016

One Wash Wonder With Olay

Having a fair skin is one of the great things that I got from my mom. Since I was a little kid, she always reminds me to embrace what I got  and to take good care of my skin. As I grow up, I realized that having a fair complexion is not enough because you cannot avoid to have skin problems sometimes like dry skin, acne, and uneven skin tone specially when you are always exposed under the sun

Now that I'm older, and exposed to field works (shooting, ocular, etc.) which is required in some of my subjects, tan lines and uneven skin tone are very much obvious, and because of the busy schedule, I don't have that much time to take good care of my skin compared to before. I'm glad that Olay launched a new product to save my day!

Olay was known to be the world’s no. 1 facial skin care brand. Just recently, they unveiled their new Olay Skin Whitening Bar to beauty enthusiasts.

 As I received the package, I un-boxed it immediately because I got curious with the great scent that I smell. Its scent makes me wanna have a long bath, which is I actually did and I used the Skin Whitening Bar with Rose and Milk.

This Whitening Bar has been specially design with a triple whitening system that helps to reveal your natural white skin, it gently exfoliate your skin and wash away dead skin cells, it also even your skin tone which happens to my skin after 5 days of using the soap daily, I noticed that it slightly brings back my natural white complexion, looking clean and clear. I also noticed the difference after my first use of the product. After taking a bath in my first use, it made my skin bright, feeling smooth and moisturized. It is indeed a one wash wonder!

Aside from the Rose and Milk, The Olay Skin Whitening Bar is also available in Vitamin C and Papaya. Get yours now and witness the #OneWashWonder. It is now available in stores nationwide.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored article but the words and opinion are all mine and based on my own experience after using the product.

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