Friday, April 15, 2016

What to Wear during Music Festivals

Since attending music festivals are part of the summer season for most of us, where lights are glowing, beats are bumping and everyone are having fun in the middle of the crowd. It started already, rave parties are now everywhere! Wanderland, Neverland, Castaway, and Paradise may have passed but there are still a lot of upcoming music festivals all over the country.

Last week, I went to Castaway 3 in Clark, Pampanga and I saw a lot people with a great sense of fashion. Not only girls, but boys also. And with that, I got inspired to write this blog post for some people who needs a guide in proper dressing with this kind of events.

Attending music festivals/rave parties can be totally tiring but of course, we still need to look our best. Whether it's your first time to attend a rave party, or not, this may be your guide and I hope I could help you in choosing WHAT TO WEAR 

Rave parties requires you to dance, jump, and enjoy every moment while you are in the middle of the crowd. With that, you need to dress up properly to move freely, and nothing beats a shorts and a cropped top when it comes to comfortable dressing which I wore during the Castaway 3. You may think that this outfit is too mainstream. Yes it is, but you can still rock this look if you have good pieces.

This outfit is my personal favorite. For boho girls out there just like me, you could wear this outfit during music festivals. Flowy clothings, vintage and ethnic inspired are very IN this summer. If you want this look, go for natural tones and fabric when choosing a clothing. Gladiators? the higher the better.

This look is very "summer" right? I've seen many girls wearing bralette and it's not bad at all specially when you're skinny and your body type is just right. You can also use a loose cardigan to cover up. Paired it with a fringe bag and a sandals or gladiators. Wearing sandals won't hurt your feet easily and that means, you could enjoy the party in longer hours

If you're lazy to wear two-piece outfit, and you don't feel like dressing up in layers, a romper will do even a plain one. Just add some accessories to avoid looking dull.

How about an all-black outfit with a denim jumper/over-all? Instead of wearing a shirt or a simple sleeveless as your inner wear, you could wear a plain black tube or a bralette instead for a summer rave vibe.

Have you made a choice on what to wear for the upcoming music festivals/rave parties already? Feel free to leave a comment below! I would love to know what are your thoughts with these outfit which are personally chosen by yours truly.


  1. These outfits are so cute! They look perfect for a festival, I think :) I really like the second and third outfits, I can totally see myself wearing them. I don't have any festival plans this summer (I never do, it's not really my scene), but you gotta love some festival fashion that comes alive each summer!



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