20 Random Things About Me

by - April 03, 2016

Hello everyone! I just turned 20 yesterday, Again, thank you to all the people who sent their greetings to me. I already expressed my thoughts in my Instagram post last night. Goodbye teen life! But still, age is just a number. I can still do the things that a normal teenager can do. For today's blog post, here are the 20 random things that you may not know about me

1. I love neutral colors
2. I get bored easily
3. I'm not fond of scary movies.
4. Roadtrip is my favorite!
5. I don't like spicy food. But sometimes, I do
6. I love any kind of nail polish! It's one of my obsessions.
7. There's one guy that I like for more than 3 and a half years now.
8. Wrist watches are my favorite accessories.
9. I don't like heels. I'm not comfortable wearing them
10. I can't live without my laptop. This is my life
11. I always expect the worst because I don't like disappointing myself.
12. It's more easy for me to be awake until 7:00 am than waking up early.
13. I started to love reading books when I was in 2nd year highschool
14. I love anything coffee flavored.
15. One of my dream back then, is to become a TV host.
16. I don't drink nor smoke and I hate people who smoke specially in public places
17. I never had a boyfriend in my entire life. I want my first boyfriend to be my last
18. I love anything that is grilled.
19. I want to be an event planner someday. (It's my plan to put up an event planning business in the future)
20. I'm the worst joker you will ever meet

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