Monday, February 22, 2016

I Found It On Galleon.PH

Galleon is an e-Commerce website that aims to take online shopping in the Philippines to new heights. Their website showcases products that are not available in the Philippines to give us, Filipino shoppers, an experience that is refreshing as much as it is exciting.

All products are sourced directly from US suppliers and shipped to your doorstep. With you can now buy products pay in Philippine currency (PHP) in any payment method you are comfortable with. Rest assure that you will be paying for the all-in price of the item as well as shipping, customs, taxes and delivery. No surprise charges.

Upon checking their website, I was amazed when I saw a lot of items I've been looking everywhere in the country but I can't find any. I'm glad they have those in the Galleon. Here are some of them

Philip Stein Women's 21TG-FW-SSTG Classic Two-Tone Gold Plated Two-Tone Gold Bracelet
Philip Stein is committed to improving people's quality of life through products with innovative technology, aesthetic design, and high quality. By integrating Frequency Technology in the company's extensive collection of watches, Philip Stein successfully combined the principles of overall well-being with a distinguishing watch design. It wasn't just the frequency technology that was earning rave reviews from Philip Stein customers; it was the distinctive features of the watch. From dual time zone dials to unique watch casings and beautiful interchangeable straps, Philip Stein accomplished what they set out to create- an iconic watch with well-being benefits. Philip Stein is not just a watch, but an element of a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. The Philip Stein timepiece reflects the attitude and personal values of the wearer. People who wear Philip Stein care about their look as well as about their overall well-being.

Azbro Women's Azure Blue Denim Suspender Dress

The dress crafted in denim. Two shoulder straps. Throw it over a white muscle tee and pair a sneakers for a casual look. The popularity of Azbro has already swept through the fashion industry as this commonly known brand was only founded in the year 2011. With unquestionably numerous competitors fighting in the same cage, it now stands as one of the most acclaimed online stores for women's clothing & makeup. Azbro provides the frontier fashion trends with some of the lowest prices in the entire industry, committed to uplift the spirit and soul of every woman on the planet by making them look good as well as saving their money at the same time.

Book Shaped Book Ends Book Library Heavy Duty

The book shaped book ends are book ends that look like drooped over books that are holding up your books, and is great for people who want people to think they are a slob at organizing their books on a book shelf. The book shaped book ends are made with colorful red and blue polyresin, and measures 3.5 inches x 3 inches x 4.5 inches. If you ever do decide to read a book, the book shaped book ends will be sure to cleverly hold your one book in it's place on the book shelf.

Things that you should know about Galleon.PH:
  • Prices are all-inclusive and they take care of shipping, customs and taxes.
  • Ships nationwide and delivers via air (6-12 business days) and sea (35-40 business days).
  • Has efficient customer care. With that, buying and shipping of items not on their website can be requested.
  • Has multiple payment modes.
  • Has a “ship my item” feature where in act as a PO box service but you don’t get charged shipping fee by the box but on the item itself.

As a welcome gift for you guys, I'm giving away 10% coupons that you can use when you shop at Galleon. All you have to do is share this blog post and leave a comment below. All readers that will join will receive the coupon code. Until March 1, 2016 only.

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Credits to: Galleon.PH for the information and images that has been used.

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