Thursday, February 25, 2016

6 items that you should have on your closet

There were days when us, girls spent an hour facing our closet and think what to wear for a certain day. And some times, there are days when we feel lazy about dressing up but we still want to look good and fashionable. I hope I could help you survive our "lazy days" with these tips.

I have 6 items here that a girl should have in their closet for days were we feel lazy to mix and match the outfits that we have in the closet. And also for the "biglaang lakad" or unplanned party with friends where in you don't know what to wear and you only have a limited time to prepare. In short, these are must-haves! And I'm pretty sure, most of us have these items in our closet. If not, hurry and get yours! Trust me, you'll need this,

Every girls should have atleast 1 casual dress in her closet. Choose a dress that you are comfortable in wearing it and suits your style at the same time. This item is a must-have because you could wear it anywhere. When you feel lazy to wear and combine two pieces, just go for a casual dress.

Tip: Always go for neutral colors. When you have basic pieces, you will able to rock them in any ways by putting an accessories or matching with some pieces (bags, shoes, etc.) When it comes to casual dresses, I prefer wearing plain colors than printed ones because as I have said, it's easy to mix and match. Just don't over do the details.

I'm not fond of wearing jeans because I always look smaller and it's hard to find a great fitting jeans. I prefer wearing shorts, dress or a romper. But since I still go to school where in shorts are highly prohibited in the University, I have no choice but to wear jeans everyday. For this kind of situation, having a pair of jeans, is a must-have. The kind of jeans that makes you feel sexy, pulled together, and comfortable.

Tip: Invest with dark denim. They are more slimming and more versatile. You could wear them anywhere and any time of the day whether you go for casual during the day, or you're planning to dress them up for the night.

The words that comes my mind when I hear the word "white shirt" is "simple and elegant." A white shirt is really a must-have item not only for girls, but for boys also. It can be fashionable in any way you wear it as long as you match it with right bottoms. You could wear it with a jeans, shorts, under a sweater or a jacket. Whatever look you want to achieve, a white shirt is there to rescue. The look will still depend on the accessories that you will use.

Tip: According to a designer, Pallavi Mohan, A crisp white shirt with ink blue jeans/pencil skirt and high heels for a formal look can be worn by any body type. But in case you have a thinner body, go in for a tucked-in look.
We all have our go-to shorts. It is more comfortable to wear specially when we are doing some errands or we are in a mall, endlessly walking. Wearing pants is too hot to wear sometimes. You cannot move freely. Thank God shorts were invented. lol! Shorts can be worn for more activities, and can be dressed up easily to go from day to night with a simple pair of pumps

Tip: High-waisted shorts will lengthen your legs. It will make you look taller
Tank tops are easily wearable and timeless. You can glam your outfit by putting a fine-looking  necklace especially when the tank top is plain to add some details. It will look extremely chic with skirts, pants, and shorts

Tip: Wear your tank top with a jeans (tucked out) or high-waisted short (tucked in) Add a cardigan if you want.

A cardigan is a necessary staple because it never goes out of style. This item is great for those times when you don’t know what the weather will be like and it gives a quick-fix to your outfit blues. You can never go wrong with stocking up on this versatile item. Cardigans are more flexible than full sweaters which can give you plenty of outfit combinations. You can wear it for dressing down a pretty or bold outfit and creating an effortless, cool look by layering.

Tip: Wear it unbuttoned and let it flow from each side. Reveal your funky t-shirt, skin-fitted top or cute blouse. or about giving attention to your bold necklace

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