Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Update: I'm Back!

It's been a while! We're exactly 9 days away before Christmas and the Simbang gabi has started already. It's a devotional 9 days series of mass that is practiced by Roman Catholics. It is also the longest and most popular among the Filipino traditions in the country. So I hope you attended the mass despite of the Typhoon Nona. Keep safe and dry my loves!

O n  B l o g g i n g . . . 

Sad to say, I badly missed the 10th rendition of Bloggers United at the World Trade Center and the Food Tour that we've planned couple of months ago. I know it's very frustrating but I believe that God has better plans for me.

I'm working on a new collaboration with a brand. Hopefully, we could host a Christmas giveaway for you to enjoy. I'll just keep you guys updated!

PS: I'm still looking for someone who could do the layout of my blog. A credible one. Email me if you know any.

G r a d u a t i n g   F e e l s . . . 

Our Thesis defense was successfully done (Yehey!!) It's really really a big relief. Luckily, our panelists were on a good mood and they didn't ask much about the topic. I guess, I did the presentation well naman as well as in answering their queries.

Note to Self: It is always better to be prepared

We're also done in our moving advertisement and our professors did the evaluation last Monday. The comm awards will be on Friday after the Theater play of our Comm Juniors.They will be awarding the best moving ad of each categories and the Print ads that we did back then.

We're currently doing a Silent Film as our final output in Visual Comm. It's a Suspense/Thriller. We spent 2 nights for the shooting and it's now being edited at the moment and hopefully our sleepless nights would be payed off. If possible, I could share the output with you when it's done.

2 more subjects to survive this term!!

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