Friday, November 13, 2015

What's inside my school bag

Finally! I'm now writing my 2nd blog post for "What's inside my bag" series. I apologize if it took me a while to do this blog post. It was supposed to be posted months ago but anyway, the important thing is I had the time to continue this series. Now, I will share to you guys what's inside my bag when I go to school and attend my class. If you think my things are well organized like what you see on the photo, better think again.


First on my list is (of course) my note book. This is where I write my lecture. Some times a drawing book when the subject is boring.


It's a must have

Yellow Paper

To be honest, I don't bring yellow paper most of the time. Once in a blue moon lang. Haha!


I like colorful pens but I constantly use highlighters for our hand-outs.


My life saver!

A good book to read

Since I am 1 hour ride away from school, I always bring a good book to read para naman hindi ako maiinip sa byahe. So it's either I read a book, read articles online or checking updates on Twitter

Memo Pad

For reminders

Hand Sanitizer

To keep our hands always clean. You can find this thing wherever I go and whatever bag I'm using.


If you have read on my 1st blog post of this series (What's inside my bag on a regular day) I mention there that I don't use lipstick everyday, a lip balm will do. But now, things have changed. I always make sure that I'm wearing a good shade of lipstick when I go to school.

So, how about you? May I know what's inside your school bag? Just leave a comment below and I would love to know what are your school day essentials too. Have a good day!

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