Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Sunday Currently

What's with the Sunday Currently? I've been seeing this kind of blog post (series) lately all over the internet and I find it really interesting. According on what I read, The Sunday Currently is basically a link-up post by Siddathornton - the woman behind this bandwagon. It is a good idea because through this, we were able to update our readers what's been happening about our life within the day every week. So, join me and let's make the Sunday Currently a Sunday habit.



The November issue of Candy Magazine (Kathryn Bernardo on the cover) and I saw my name in their Spotted section. Didn't expect this though! I bought this magazine at National Bookstore in Trinoma when I attended the blogapalooza event. Read my blog post about the event here


My first Sunday Currently blog post 


to my television audio (lagi ko talagang ginagawang radio ang tv pag may ginagawa ako) I don't know why. It became my habbit.


of staying up all night just to finish my backlogs. Anyway, I don't have my class tomorrow. 


Nothing. Seriously. It's because of my clogged nose. Hate it!


to reunite with my highschool besties as soon as possible. I haven't seen them in a while and I missed them so much! Bonding soon please!


for another happy and productive week ahead. Okay, let's claim it guys! I just hope ganito ako ka happy and productive every week. (Ang sarap kaya sa feeling!)


My typical pambahay look. A white loose shirt and Jersey shorts


the new app that I downloaded recently (iFlix) I can now watch my favorite movies and TV series anywhere I go. Currently watching Big - a Korean TV series, Episode 4!! 


To drink a Peppermint mocha. I'm craving right now. 


A short vacation. (Pretty please!!)


Productive. Yes, I feel so productive this week because I got to update my blog often thanks to my cooperative laptop. Haaay, Sana lagi nalang ganito. G O O D V I B E S

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