Sunday, November 15, 2015

The Sunday Currently | 02

Ahhh... Sunday, my favorite day of the week. The day where I could have my rest and do everything I want. I could write, I could blog, I could read, and I could watch on iFlix all day. This is the only day where I could escape from loads of stressful school works, but not this time. Because even it was supposed to be a rest day for me, I still need to finish the assigned  paper works to me in our Thesis. 


The articles that we  found yesterday that are related in our topics. I love reading but not this kind of articles. (May mga batas batas pa. Nakakastress)


The Sunday Currently Vol. 2 and Chapter 1 of our research study in child care for working mothers. 


To one of my favorite song, I'll never go by David Archuleta. This song is a  part of his album "Forevermore" So much feels.. Can't wait to watch A Second Chance!! OMG

  Na-Basha? O Na-Popoy?

of you. Just kidding! I've been thinking a lot of things lately. Random things.


the noodles that I'm eating at the moment. Yum yum!


for a fun and productive week! Feeling ko kasi, ganito ang mangyayari nyan:

Expectation: Fun and Productive
Reality: Pressured and Stressed


To finish all these 3 topics this week.


My favorite mickey pajama and a tank top


The day when I saw my old friends after how many years. We had our dinner together, and after that, we did some small talk about love (Hi Carissa! Haha!) I hope we could do that again in some other time!

Fatty, Bianca, Carissa, Me, and Jazer

to have a proper time management. We're already in our final term that's why we have so much things to do, including our thesis (documentary for 2nd semester), moving ad in Advertising, and reporting. Goodluck to me!


SLEEP - I really need this right now. I will probably take a short nap before I continue doing my paper works.




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