Saturday, October 24, 2015

Life Lately | 01

I'm now on my 4th year in College. Yes!! But things aren't easy for me. I'm glad I have my friends with me.

We have loads of activities for this sem but with them, things get lighter. They motivates me to exert more effort so that we can achieve our goal, which is to graduate! And it is never too easy. 

Thesis + Interview + Photography, Photojourn, and Photo essay = STRESS

Our stress reliever - food and shopping!! We bought this (matchy matchy) travel shirt at Culture 

Friends that eat together, gets fat together 

This is Zalliel. I can say that, she's one of the few people that understands me. Love this girl so much. 

Ate Aiko, our class president and the desciplinarian in the group. LOL but she's always the master mind behind our kalokohan!

All these photos were taken during our photo walk in Visual Comm. BTS. Hehe!

To my classmates/friends/food and shopping buddies, let's cheers to forevermore!! 

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