Thursday, August 27, 2015

Revia Hair Colors

Changing your hair color can be really wonderful and in some times, the result can be horribly wrong specially when you did it yourself. But with the right brand and and if you follow the instructions right, you may achieve the result that you want. Last week, I received 2 boxes of hair colors from Revia. Dark brown and the other one is Hazelnut. This brand of hair coloring cream ensures an extremely lasting, deep and brilliant color. It contains a complex of active substances, which protect hair structure and care for its condition. In this blog post, I will give you an idea what's inside the box and how is the proper applying of hair color.

Inside the box is the manual, plastic gloves, colouring cream, hair care balm, and activator.

Preparation of dyeing emulsion 

1. Squeeze out the content of the tube with the colouring cream into the bottle with the activating emulsion
2. Mix the mass until a uniform consistency is achieved
3. After preparing the mixture, break off the applicator's ending and put the mixture on your hair

Hair dyeing

Put the mixture on your hair highlights after highlights. Comb your hair to cover them regularly. Leave the mixture for 25-35 minutes.

In case of dyeing growing hair, put the mixture only on the growing part of the hair. Leave it for 20 minutes then comb your hair on the whole length and leave it for next 10 minutes

After dyeing

When the mixture stops working, wet your hair and massage it softly until the foam appears. Then rinse your hair until the water is clean and use a shampoo to wash it. To stabilize the dyeing effect, use a nourishing lotion. Leave it for 5 minutes and rinse it. 

My brother asked me to apply the dark brown into his hair. Sad to say, I didn't able to took photos of the before and after because of the limited time that I have.

After applying the Revia hair coloring cream, I have noticed that it perfectly covers his previous hair color and it became smooth, shiny and pleasantly soft to touch. The amino acids guaranteed appropriate moisturizing. Your hair will surely gain an intense, attractive color and exceptional luster.

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