Friday, May 22, 2015

Bringing the Cebu spirit with you

Last night, I was invited by Ms. Theresa to cover a food tasting event that was held a while ago. It is the grand opening of the famous Cebu's Lechon Belly at SM City Clark - Hypermarket. It brings the spirit of Cebu through their crispy lechon belly. If you haven't tasted this boneless lechon, it is a must-try for you. Let me share to you my experience within the event and what I have discovered.

This boneless lechon was discovered by Mr. Marlon Gochan. The owner of Cebu's lechon belly. They have different branches all over Cebu City, Manila, Davao, Ilo-ilo, and now in Pampanga. The fresh frozen meat is being delivered from Cebu and it is cooked with open charcoal fire. 

We all know that Lechon is very famous in our country. It is the all time favorite of every Filipinos. It is prepared throughout the year in every special occasions and during festival season. I have eaten different kind of lechon but believe me, Cebu's lechon belly is the best! It is crispy and you can eat it even without  the lechon sauce. Unlike other lechons, it is only the sauce that gives the taste and not the lechon itself. 

They have original boneless lechon and the spicy boneless lechon that comes with a soy sauce and vinegar. I told you, their lechon can survive without the lechon sauce. Their vinegar is the best!

This budget meal costs, P90 for the original and P100 for the spicy lechon.

In their first years, they have no advertisements. Only the words of mouth of the customers that are dropping by. But now, there are lots of celebrity that endorse their restaurant all over the country. 

They have 8 restaurants (in-line) in Cebu and have lots of outlets/stalls and franchise in the country. Cebu's lechon belly already had different TV appearances. Including, Mag TV, Rated K, Kapuso mo Jessica Soho, and in TV5

They also serves Creamy beef Stew and Lechon Dinuguan. They have free taste for the original and spicy lechon until Sunday. So, don't forget to drop by when you have time and feel the Cebu spirit with this crispy boneless lechon. I promise you, you won't regret.

Facebook Page: Cebu's Original Lechon 
Instagram: BonelessLechon


  1. Damn! This got me slobbering. I miss Cebu Lechon..

  2. Woah, Lechon! The queen of all foods. HEHEHE :D I'm drooling right now. XD

  3. Cebu Lecho, queen of all lechon. Love this...

  4. OMG! Looks yummy!


  5. puso unta ilang rice arun from cebu jud ang peg :)

  6. i miss cebu's lechon belly..

  7. i can only eat the beef stew! although everything sounds yummy :) i never visited cebu, this made me think about it.

  8. The Lechon looks so yummy. I miss Philippines! Looks like you really enjoyed the event! :)


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