Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Best conversation are best served with ramen

Let's admit it. Korean Ramen are the best, whether it is an instant or homemade. I don't usually eat spicy noodles but since I'm a big fan of Korean dramas, I got curious and tasted it. voila! I became addicted. It became one of my comfort food for almost 4 years.

Eating this with someone makes it more special. There is something about sharing a pot of Ramen that really brings people together. I've noticed from watching dramas that sharing Ramen is a great way to get to know someone and undoubtedly bring two characters closer together. 

Best conversations are also best served with Soju. But I'd rather choose to eat a pot of Ramen than to drink a bottle of Soju. It comes in such a nice green bottle and you drink it out of cute little cups. What could go wrong? A lot. Drinking too much of any alcohol usually isn't a good choice,but Korean dramas have taught me to be weary of Soju. It leads to passing out in the bar saying things you never meant to say out loud or getting into drunken arguments on the street. If you're upset, have some Ramen. Stay away from Soju.

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