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by - January 09, 2019

Blanco Family Museum is located at 312 Ibañez Street in Angono, Rizal which is known as the Philippines’ Art Capital. The museum accommodates an anthology of paintings by Jose Blanco, his wife, Loring, and their seven children who are artists in their own rights, namely: Glenn, Noel, Michael, Joy, Jan, Gay, and Peter Paul. You can also see some family pictures as well as some memorabilia through the years. If you will visit the museum, you will noticed that the paintings were arranged according to the works of the 7 children up to their parents. 

Jose Blanco is the only person in the family who graduated in Fine Arts. None of his children took the same course. They all had different professions because their father already taught them everything that they need to know about arts. He mentored his five sons and two daughters in the process. Evidently, all grew to be great painters. 

Joy P. Blanco-Balcita is the first daughter, also supervised a professional skill in painting and her artworks were very photographic and realistic just like what her father did. Here's one of her famous artworks, Santacruzan painted when she was 35.

Jan P. Blanco is the 5th child who is very much like his sister, Joy, his devotion to his art manifested early. He chose to enroll at the National College of Business and Arts in the adjacent town of Tay-tay so that he can easily resume his painting after class.

Artworks by Jan P. Blanco

Peter Paul P. Blanco is the youngest. He started his work of art at an early age. According to his brother, Michael, Peter Paul grew up playing with paints and brushes at their family studio. He is the favorite subject in most of the paintings of his siblings that's why you can see Peter Paul in the most of the family's artwork.

Artworks by Peter Paul P. Blanco when he was 2 years old.

Noel is the second son. He was born in December, which explains his Christmas name. At the age of 13, he won 3 gold medals in the Region IV "On-the-Spot Painting Contest" where in he got a scholarship and some pocket money as part of his prizes. He was born in a lake shore village himself that's why he loves water in all its mood and it is in water that he found his prime element as an artist.

Artworks by Noel P. Blanco

Glenn P. Blanco started painting when he was already in his 4th year in High School. He used to do pencil studies of an old masters. He dropped painting for a while and went to the states under exchange program. He won 1st prize in drawing when he was in South Carolina. Since then, he was inspired to draw again.

Artworks by Glenn P. Blanco

Gay P. Blanco-Causapin is the 6th child. For her, painting is as natural and easy as writing. In fact, she learned how to draw before she could write. The series of family exhibits in which she equally participated honed Gay's artistic talent.

Artworks by Gay P. Blanco

Michael P. Blanco discovered his inclination for drawing at the age of 10. His talent developed quickly and he soon began to participate in community art activities on his own. During our visit at their Museum, we had a chance to meet him in person. He shared their family stories to us and I saw how ardent he is when it comes to art.

The mother, Loreto “Loring” P. Blanco also paints. She started painting at the age of 48. Her favorite subject was the elderly and also her youngest child Peter Paul. She also do pottery when she is not painting. 

One of the well-known artists of Angono, Jose V. Blanco, is the Father of the Blanco family. He is also known by his folk name "Pitok Bunggan" He graduated with a degree of Fine Arts from the University of Santo Tomas. He was an advertising man when he married his wife. He had his first one-man show at the Manila Hilton Art Gallery, and with the initial success of the exhibit had him brave to leave his job in the advertising agency, and venture off an uncertain future. 

Here are some of my favorite artworks inside the museum

Walking around the museum was a wonderful experience! I saw beautiful images of our country through their paintings. I was in awe as I realize the story of the Blanco Family and their passion and career in painting as I go around.

Had a photograph opportunity with Mr. Michael P. Blanco

Sir Marjay of PIA Region III, Kapampangan Traveller, and Will Explore Philippines

When Jose "Pitok" Blanco died, the country glorified him for his greatness in art and for showing love for our country and traditions. 

"I am just a brush in the hand of our Lord, without his guidance, I can paint nothing" - Tatay Pitok

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  1. Wow! interesting family museum in Rizal. I should pay a visit here soon. Wait, Do they have entrance fee pala? or everything is free?

  2. I haven't been to Angono but would love to plan a visit one of these days. Looks like an interesting museum. More artists should open their own museums like this one. :)

  3. Interesting facts in this post. I love museums but I have not beenbeen to one in 9 years

  4. This is one cool museum. Which also reminds me that when opportunity doesn't comes to you (as an artist) then make your own opportunity, like opening your own museum or gallery. Smart idea!

  5. Ang galing! Sana talented din yung family namin. Haha! I love how they preserved everything.

    1. Yes and nakaka amazed din yung mga stories nila :)

  6. A family of painters? I want to see!!! I love paintings and I make it a point to take my kids to galleries to look and appreciate art works of different artists. Kahit nga sa SM Aura, I make sure they see the exhibits there. We would love visiting this museum!

  7. We went here last year and I am so amazed with this family. I love how this museum showed the transition of their art works


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