A Quick Visit at Aven Nature's Farm and The Greenery

by - October 16, 2018

Few weeks ago, we were invited by the Baliwag Municipal Tourism Office for a familiarization tour at Baliwag, Bulacan. We have visited some historical places, restaurants, farms, and other places that I will be sharing soon. But before that, let me share you these 2 of the best tourist destinations that we visited during the tour; the Aven Nature's Farm and Rabbitry and the very famous among tourist - The Greenery. 

Aven Nature's Farm and Rabbitry

Aven Nature’s Farm and Rabbitry is a family operated Agri-Tourism site located at 68 J.P. Rizal, Sta. Barbara, Baliwag, Bulacan. The farm promotes tree conservation and prides itself on growing over a hundred varieties of native fruit trees creating a forest-like atmosphere at the site. Advocating natural agricultural practices, the farm has become a haven for small birds, fireflies, fruit bats and spiders, nestled in the trees and vegetation, harmoniously living with the native pigs, native chicken, ducks and fish. They raise cream dory in a small fish pond.

Rabbit production is the main activity at the farm and has provided sustainability to the farm operations. It certainly goes with the farm’s mantra of “Growing its own food”, since the rabbit provides healthy meat. The rabbitry also supplies the fertilizer needs of the farm with its cold manure and the vermicast from the rabbit poof-fed African Night Crawlers.

I was able to try the Rabbit Spread, Congee, and the Caldereta.

It taste like Chicken!

If you want to visit the Farm, It is accessible by both private and public transport making it an ideal get-away location during weekends. The Entrance Fee is Php 150.00/pax. They also have Day Tour with welcome drinks Php 150.00/pax and the Day tour with lunch. You can request Rabbit dishes like Sisig, Menudo, Tinola, Caldereta Sinigang, etc. for  Php 450.00/pax (5pax), Php 350.00/pax(10 pax), Php 300.00/pax(20 pax)  

Rabbit Production Seminars are also conducted at the farm regularly to help beginners start their own rabbitry as means of livelihood and source of healthy meat. These seminars also create public awareness on the benefits that can be gained from raising rabbits, helping to promote the development of the “rabbit industry”. Seminar Fee is Php 1000/pax and that includes: Rabbit Production Manual with Feasibility Study and Hands on Training Demonstartions, Certificate of Participation, Breakfast, Buffet Lunch, Pm Snack, Farm & Rabbitry tour.

For reservations, you can call them: 0918-9030633 or visit their Facebook Page here.

The Greenery

The Greenery is a 50-hectare events place and Resort in Baliwag, Bulacan. It is built over almost two decades ago. Started as TGI Pavilion in 2001, it is known for its world-class facilities, amenities, and services. They offers a wide range of packages for event organizers and their guests, depending on guest number and choice of cuisine.

An overnight stay or even a day tour is very satisfying and fulfilling experience that will bring you back to the nature and going here with your loved ones will allow you to build stronger and deeper bonds. You can swim at their infinity pool with the view of the Floating Gazebo and the nature itself, Try water-sports like Jet-ski and Kayak or you can have a relaxing spa. 

The Greenery is also ideal for special events, including weddings (They have different themes), anniversaries, birthdays, and seminars. It's also a perfect venue for team building because they have a selection of different sports, grouping games, and obstacle course. You can check their team building package here

The Barn House


Light House

Infinity Pool

Train at the Open Garden

Hanging Bridge

Floating Gazebo

The Greenery is located at # 80 San Juan St., Rio Vista Subdivision Sabang, Baliwag, Bulacan, You can take a Baliwag Transit bus (from Cubao or Caloocan) and get off at the Baliwag Terminal in Bulacan. From there, you can take a jeepney or a tricycle going to Mt. Carmel, Sabang, where another tricycle can take you from Mt. Carmel to Rio Vista Subdivision. (You can easily tell the driver to take you to The Greenery.)

I hope, I can comeback for an overnight stay with my family and friends to try other amenities and to provide a full feature about the place. Because honestly, a day is not enough to explore this beautiful place in Baliwag, Bulacan!

Pictorial/Events Reservation:
Sun mobile: +63922- 8275122
Hotel/Accommodation Reservation: 
Sun Mobile: +63922- 8275124
Tel Number: +044 766 6325 
Telefax: +044 766 6326 
Sun Mobile: +0922 827 5122 

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  1. This is nice!! At ang lapit pa sa QC. Very accessible kaysa sa Laguna. Ang ganda pa. :)

  2. Bunnies are such cuties!!! And also is the farm itself! Will be adding this on my list

  3. Wow! I want to visit here too, i want to try the rabbit spread!

  4. I'm interested with that rabbit spread. Was it good? Hehe. Been wanting to visit Greenery. Can't fit with my sched. Hope to visit it soon 😊

  5. That's rabbit skin right? OMG. I want to visit this place too. ♥

  6. We used to have rabbits at home when we still have bigger space, and yeah they are awesome pets as well. Their poops are not smelly, hahaha. I am keen to visit this place soon.

  7. This gives me creeps! I actually have leporiphobia since I was young. I guess this place is not for me. Haha!

  8. Hello Nicole! I am just searching for different blogs and it happened that I saw yours. You have such nice blog posts! Also, I want to ask if how much did you pay for a domain? I hope I can get an answer because I also want to start my own blog soon but I don't know how to start. Any advice? Thanks! Would appreciate your quick response. God bless!

  9. The rabbits are too cute to eat! Naconfused ako dun sa dishes ahahahha
    But anyway if I'm gonna go here I'll just enjoy the view and sceneries and skip eating rabbits.

  10. The place looks very relaxing and instagrammable. At least, it adds pride to Bulacan's tourism. "Rabbitry" just bothers me especially if they grow it for food or source of materials? ahah sorry animal lover here ;)


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